Psst, You Wanna Buy a Transit System?

Just because I can’t Take the A Train doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the memory of transit.
Central Park’s Cleopatra’s Needle inches out the supertalls in this deceptive photo of a nearly empty Park Drive East yesterday. Yes, practicing social distancing, I biked against the heavy traffic in the park,
Fifth Avenue was so empty I biked the east side of the street from 59th Street to 23rd Street.
A quiet Flatiron District, looking northbound.
Trevor MacDermid and his daughter at Underground Signs.
Dry Dock 1, Brooklyn Navy Yard, Yes, it’s a New York City landmark.
Leaving the Navy Yard, signs in tow. “Yes Ma, I wore my helmet.”
Williamsburg Bridge bound with my haul. Social distancing at the bike rack.
Astor Place, back in Manhattan.
  • Wash your hands and respect your friends, elders and neighbors by following Tony Fauci’s latest guidelines.
  • Ignore the so-called president’s lies and revisionist history of his belated, inept response to the crisis. He has blood on his hands. It’s his Katrina and recession/depression all wrapped into one.
  • Vote blue no matter who!
Remember Trump’s lame and belated response to the pandemic. Plus his pesky recession/depression. Vote blue, no matter who!




A walker in the city.

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Joel Epstein

Joel Epstein

A walker in the city.

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