The Bronx is Up for Active Transportation

The elegant facade of the East 180th Street station in West Farms
  • Nearly eight hundred thousand New Yorkers (773,000) ride a bicycle regularly (at least several times a month).
  • 26% of adult New Yorkers, approximately 1.6 million people, ride a bike (at least once in the past year)
  • 1,375 lane miles of bike lanes installed in New York City as of 2020
  • 546 lane miles of protected bike lanes installed in New York City as of 2020
  • On a typical day, there are over 530,000 cycling trips made in New York City
Sunset from the Hudson River Greenway
New York Botanical Garden
Electric scooter corral on White Plains Post Road
E-scooters at the MTA’s 180th Street Station
Damascus Sweets, Morris Park Avenue
The view from the East River Ferry




A walker in the city.

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Joel Epstein

Joel Epstein

A walker in the city.

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